We've had these questions before

Installation & retrieval

  • How long does the installation and pick-up take?
    Traffic, a GPS that suddenly starts talking in Russian or a family of ducks that decides to cross … the road is a fickle mistress. That is why we advise you on having the Box delivered to you at least one hour before the start of your event. Setting up the equipment is easy. Once we’re on the scene, the Box will be ready for action within half an hour. Taking down the Box can even be done even faster! In a flash, it’s back in its case; ready for the next event. Are you pulling out all the stops for your event and are we also setting up a Greenkey and photoprinter? Well, then it might take a bit longer to get everything ready (you want everything to be spic and span, no?). Our courrier will gladly help you set up a schedule.
  • What are the measurements of the Box ?
    The Box is a lean machine! It has a height of 173 cm and a base plate that is 60cm wide 40 cm of depth. We do advise to have at least 1,5m of free space infront of the Box to give your guests enough room to do their thing.
  • What’s the best location for the Box?
    Much like the sun, our Box likes to be the centre of attention. To get an optimal result, it is best placed in a spot where your guests see it and pass by often. Thanks to the handheld microphone, loud music also isn’t a problem. To give your guests plenty of space to do their thing, we advise to keep at least 1,5m free in front of the Box. If you’re planning on installing a Box on a permanent basis, we’ll gladly come by to check out and discuss the different possibilities.
  • What connection does the Box need?
    The Box is easily satisfied, a 220V power connection is all he needs. Once plugged in and switched on, he's ready to go!
  • Does the Box need extra lighting to function?
    The Box is equiped with LED lighting that almost always lights up everyone around it. Would you still like to add some extra lighting to create a more professional atmosphere? Don't hesitate to contact us, we'd love to hear your ideas.
  • Can the Box also be used outside?
    The Box loves a nice breath of fresh air, he is fully capable of being used outside. He's able to withstand cold and heat but doesn't really like water that much. That's why when you install the Box, you are responsible for keeping him dry. That's why we advise you to protect the Box against any form of precipitation by placing him in a sheltered spot or making sure there's a tent or shelter at hand.
  • Do I need an internet connection?
    The Box is a kid of this generation. It will always try to be online and connected but the 4G network isn’t always as it should be . That’s why, if you do have a stable Wi-Fi connection at your disposal, the Box will be glad to use it! That way we can ensure your recorded memories to be uploaded even faster!
  • How will the Box get on the scene?
    Like most rock stars, the Box has a private driver that takes it from event to event. The courier will discuss the hour of delivery and pickup with you. After the Box has been installed, our courier will head home. He’s not that much of a party animal, but will gladly answer the phone when you have a question.


  • How do I operate the Box?
    Thanks to its large touchscreen, it’s possible to operate the Box with just the tip of your finger! Your software will be good to go from the start.
  • How do I turn the Box on and off?
    Turning off the Box is easy: just pull the plug! When you plug it in again, you can reboot it by pressing the small button on the back of the Box. You’ll know it has come to life when the LED-strips light up.

The Greenkey

  • How much space does the Greenkey need?
    To properly set up the smallest green schreen, we require a space of 215cm withdt and 215cm height.
  • Greenkey, what's that?
    Greenkey is a special effect that makes a certain colour disappear from an image or video and that replaces it with something entirely else! By using a green background, we are able to replace it with any image you want. Give your guests an unforgettable experience by placing them in any virtual location you can imagine. Have them travel the world without without even moving! Pro tip: Multiple backgrounds lead to more content and more fun.

The online platform & the created images

  • How long will my images be available?
    Your images will be available for at least 6 months. During that period you will be able to watch, delete and download them. For a more in depth read on our privacy- and data policy, we would like to refer you to our privacy statement and terms & conditions.
  • The Box registered something that I’d like to see deleted. What do I do?
    From less than flattering images to sharing your most intimate secrets, there are some things that you’d rather not have out there. That’s why we have added the option in your online account to permanently delete images and promise you that once you hit that delete button, it’s gone! Are you not the owner of the online account? Don’t hesitate to send us an email at privacy@messageinthebox.com, we’ll get in touch with him/her and make sure that action is undertaken. For more information we’d like you to consult our privacy statement and general conditions.


  • Where and when can I find my recorded images and data?
    The Box will automatically upload all recorded images and data to your online account. There you’ll be able to watch, download, delete and share them with your guests. The images are available to you once they have been uploaded. There’s no such thing as waiting a couple of days before you’re able to see the results. Instant gratification, yay!
  • Something went wrong, I can’t find my photo or video in the online account!
    Uploading the images is done through Wi-Fi or 4G. Because these connections aren’t failproof, some images might not find their way to your account right away. But have no fear! The Box will save the images internally and try to upload them once a stable connection has been re-established. Can’t wait? Feel free to send us an email at help@messageinthebox.com and we’ll track them down right away.