We thought about every detail, so that you can just enjoy

  • Combine to your heart's content

    Photos, videos, GIFs, greenkey, data collection, surveys ...
    Combine all these possibilities and choose how the Box makes your memories!

  • Entirely to your taste

    The Box is tailored to your target audience.
    Both the Box's user interface and the LED lighting can be fully customised to your style.

  • Instant e-mails

    Users immediately receive a personalized email with their photo, video or GIF.
    The Box can even send the e-mails in your name!

  • Instant printing

    The Box can print your picture on the spot or send it to our printstation that can be used during busy and crowded events.

  • Multiple Choice

    With the built-in multiple choice feature you can easily ask short questions to your target audience to get to know them better in function of your marketing.

  • Share it with the world

    Your guests will be able to instantly receive their memories via e-mail and share them on social media.

  • Always online

    The Box is always linked to the internet (via 3G/4G, wifi or cable). That way, the photos and videos your guests make are immediately available in your online account.

  • 22" touch

    Met het grote touchscreen biedt de Box een optimale ervaring en een waaier aan mogelijkheden voor interactie met uw merk of event.

  • GDPR-compliant

    The Box is set up in such a way that your data and images are collected according to the standards of the "General Data Protection Regulation".

  • Built-in speakers

    With the built-in speakers, your guests can easily replay their video or we can add auditory instructions to your software.

  • Handheld microphone

    The sound of your videos is picked up by a professional microphone (SM58).
    Even at the most booming party, the Box will be able to understand you 100%!

  • Ge├»ntegreerde LED

    Met de ingebouwde RGB LED verlichting valt de Box overal op in de kleur van uw wens.
    In opname verandert de kleur naar wit zodat iedereen mooi in beeld komt.

  • Custom add-ons

    The Box is multifunctional and offers endless possibilities for software and hardware add-ons tailored to your goals and audience.

  • One Box to rule them all

    The Box can be used seated or while standing. Just let us know which one you would prefer. Thanks to the Box' neutral design it can also be integrated in many environments like an informative exhibition stand or a blazing party.

  • Top notch

    The photos and videos you take can be found in high resolution in your online account.
    Send them by mail and print the photos, so everyone has immediately their memories to take home.