One Box, a range of Memories!

Always tailored to your event

  • Combine to your heart's content

    Photos, videos, GIFs, greenkey, data collection, surveys ...
    Combine all these possibilities and choose how the Box makes your memories!

  • Entirely to your taste

    The Box is tailored to your target audience.
    Both the Box's user interface and the LED lighting can be fully customised to your style.

  • Top notch

    The photos and videos you take can be found in high resolution in your online account.
    Send them by mail and print the photos, so everyone has immediately their memories to take home.

The basic package will already get you a lot of bang for your buck.

The Box will be the life of the party, even on a smaller budget
The basic package consists of:
Video & photo, 2 in 1
The Box' user interface is personalised to your taste.
Delivery and pick up free of charge and at a time picked by you.
The Box is yours for 24 hours, day or night!
Your guests will instantly receive their photo or video by e-mail.
The results are immediately available online during your event.

€ 375,00

VAT included

Extra options

Add as many options as you like, that way your guests will discover something new every time!
  • Instant printer
    Give your guests a lasting memory by printing out their photos.
    + € 125
    Incl. VAT
    Instant prints = instant fun !

    Have your guests print their memory by using one of our instant printers.
    Our printers come equipped with 400 prints (10x15cm) or 800 strips (5x10cm).

    We can give your guests the choice to print their photo several times, so everyone who is in the picture also has his own print.

    Are you having a larger event and do you require more prints?
    Our remote printstation prints at double speed and has 800 prints (1600 strips) at it's disposal.

    Still need more prints? Contact us, we'll gladly help you out.

  • Greenkey
    Have your picture taken in an exotic country or even on another planet? With our Greenkey it happens in no time!
    + € 150
    Incl. VAT

    Let your guests choose from different fun backgrounds for their memories.
    Our Greenkey and matching green screen make the background disappear and instantly replace it with something else!
    We will contact you, guide you in your choice and set as many backgrounds as you want.
    The green screen we use, comes in different sizes. We will contact you to find the one that suits your event.

  • Multilingual Box
    Hallo! Bonjour! Hello! Guten Tag! Give your guests an experience in their own language.
    + € 25
    Incl. VAT
    Hallo! Bonjour! Hello! Guten Tag!

    The Box can be set up in different languages. That way, you can give your guests the opportunity to use the Box in their own language.
    We currently offer the Box in Dutch, French, English and German. Would you like to add a language that our Box does not yet know? Contact us!.

  • Data collection
    Get to know your guests better by asking questions. All according to the rules of the GDPR !
    + € 30
    Incl. VAT
    Questions are made to be asked !

    Easily collect data from your guests such as email, age, place of residence, ... and get to know your guests better by letting them answer questions.
    We will contact you to go over the questions together and set them up correctly.
    You can download the data afterwards as an orderly file in your online account and import it into Excel, which is handy!
    We also ensure that everything is collected and stored in accordance with the GDPR.

Are you ready to go all out ?
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