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Permanent installations
With a permanent interactive photo experience, you offer your visitors a lasting memory, but also create casual extra visibility outside your location. Moreover, you can easily get to know your audience better to serve them even better in the future. With our experience tailored to your location and brand, your visitors can easily create the most original photos, videos, and GIFs between their favorite figures, animals and also in their (digital) location of choice. Via an automated print terminal next to the device or in your souvenir shop, you can easily offer a range of printing options for maximum memory and ROI. Your guests can take the most personal photos, strips, postcards, stickers, ... all in the theme of your location and brand. That's a lasting memory guaranteed and an extra income for your business!
Tailored photo manipulations
With a photo manipulation tailored to your location or brand, you can take the experience of your visitors to the highest level. By using Virtual Reality and photo manipulation, we put your theme in the spotlight. Your guests will enjoy their visit even longer and share it effortlessly on social media.
Custom booth design
Sometimes, you want to take your event to the next level and give your guests an all-out experience they will never forget. That's why the Box is easily integratable into almost every concept. Do you have a fun idea or a specific question? At Message in the Box, we'd love to hear and help you realise it. So don't hesitate to contact us!
Live greenkey
Greenkey is a special effect that makes a certain colour disappear from an image or video and that replaces it with something entirely else! By using a green background, we are able to replace it with any image you want. Give your guests an unforgettable experience by placing them in any virtual location you can imagine. Have them travel the world without without even moving! Pro tip: Multiple backgrounds lead to more content and more fun.
Brand Activation
Do you want to put your brand in the spotlight? Thanks to our personalised prints, images, mails and even software we take your brand straight to your biggest fans. The Box is also a true chameleon by the way. From large expositions or events to a birthday party or wedding, he'll blend right in!
Custom software development
If you really want to stand out as a brand or have a unique interactive experience in mind, you've come to the right place. We create and develop interactive concepts, software and hardware tailored to your campaign and target audience for an outstanding experience and connection with your brand. Ranging from interactive city guides to an alcohol tester or even touch games tailored to your brand.

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